HPL Toilet Cubicles

HPL Toilet Cubicles Standard Height

The ultimate in washroom privacy.

Durability combined with a functional, clean design make this full height WC cubicle system a winning formula for modern commercial washrooms. This range is popular with offices, universities and public buildings.

Panels are secured with full-length aluminium wall and floor channels. No fixings are visible from the exterior of the cubicles.

The panels High Pressure Laminated (HPL) is constructed from multiple layers of high quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature. This produces tough, high density, totally waterproof and hygienic panels that have a high level of strength.

All visible hpl panel edges are machined to a smooth round profile. Recommends that this product is installed by a team of qualified joiners.

The laminate bonding process results in a durable and scratch proof coating, which protects against moisture. The tamper-proof brackets and hinges can only be operated with an Allen or hex key, not with a coin or screwdriver.

Do you need toilet cubicles for your nursery or pre-school? Sydney cubicles are fun, unique and safe. The curved doors and partitions make the washroom exciting. A magnetic door catch means children of all ages can easily use the cubicles without fear of catching their fingers. Low-height doors enable teachers to help and supervise children. This range is a perfect introduction for young children to public washrooms. Sydney is ideal for nursery and early year settings.What about a space adventure themed washroom? Or colourful chameleons? Our unique vinyl designs add an element of fun, creating a welcoming environment for small children.

Size & Weight
Depth (?) 1500 mm
Door Width (?) 700 mm
Height (?) 2000 mm
Thickness (?) 13 mm to 25mm
Physical Properties
Floor clearance (?) 12mm to 15 mm
Typical Building Sector (?) Public , Commercial , EducationOffices , Universities
Material (?) Compact Laminate


Each cubicle is equipped with the following Stainless Steel accessories (304 OR 316 Grade).

  • Privacy thumb-turn locks with Red indicator and provision for emergency access.
  • Door knob.
  • Self-closing hinges
  • Coat hook with rubber tip bumper
  • Adjustable support leg
  • Stainless steel angle bracket or Aluminum U-channel with anodize or powder coating finish to fix panel.

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