Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding

Internal paneling timber products are generally grouped as either solid timber paneling or sheet engineered wood products.

Solid timber paneling is a natural product that is selected for its color, surface texture and grain. It is available in a number of profiles, with general thickness ranging from 9-19mm and cover width from 65-140mm. Narrower board of approximately 100mm should be favored as they allow movement to be distributed across a greater number of joints.

The most common internal paneling profile has a tongue and groove joint. The edges of the joint on the exposed face are chamfered to create 'V' when the boards are installed. The 'V' masks a small amount of movement allowable in the tight joints.

An alternative to tongue and groove profile is shiplap boarding which has a lapped joint. This can easily accommodate any movement that occurs because the boards are not tightly butted together. Timber paneling can also be installed as board and batten or board on board, both of which accommodate movement easily.

A wide range of wood based manufactured products, known as sheet or panel products, are suitable for internal wall or ceiling paneling. Generally, readily available sheet wall panels include veneer faced plywood and particle board, and pre-primed masonite. Suppliers offer a wide range of products that utilize these materials.

Related species and material species are Ash, Victorian Mahogany, Philippine Light Red Meranti, Light Red Oak, Tasmanian.

Wood Products Categories are Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Plywood.

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