Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Parquet flooring is the best and long-lasting solution for different type of objects. In addition to homes, it is used in other public buildings, schools and sports hall because wood is not only a natural material but also has good mechanical and insulation properties and a number of other properties that space requires such as acoustics, color, natural appearance.

Parquet flooring has several characteristics such as processing and method of preparation, type of wood from which it is made and class it belongs to. Depending on the type of wood from which it is built, we can distinguish native species of parquet flooring (European) and exotic parquet flooring.

Technical Data

  • Length : 2180 mm (allowed lengths are 2080mm, 2000mm and 1818mm)
  • Width : Standard products 158mm and 185mm; from special order 222mm and 260mm (special width only with traditional glue joint)
  • Thickness : Standard product is 15mm; from special order is 18mm.
  • Wear layer : Standard product is 3mm and 5mm; from special order is 6mm.

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